Buyer Capital LLC


How It Works

  • Choose a Broker

    Your Broker will help you locate the home you want to purchase, and guide you through the closing process.

  • Choose Your Lender

    Find a Lender that guarantees funding your loan within 30 days subject to property and no change in your income or assets. Penrith Home Loans*, an affiliated Windermere* company, has a qualifying loan guarantee program and your Penrith Home Loan* Officer is knowledgeable about Buyer Capital*.

  • Contact Us

    Once you have obtained an approval letter from your lender, contact Buyer Capital* to begin the process.

  • Find Your New Home

    Find your new home located in King County; where we have an appraisal vendor who can guarantee an appraisal will be delivered within seven days.

  • Write an Offer

    Write a Purchase and Sale Agreement with your Broker, with you as the Buyer. Include the Buyer Capital* addendum which states that Buyer Capital* will perform as a cash buyer on your behalf, if needed.

    1. Choose your terms (Price, earnest money amount, closing date, possession date, etc.)

    2. Consider all contingencies needed to protect your interest (inspection, appraisal, title, sewer, neighborhood review, etc.)

  • Make A Deposit

    You deposit with Buyer Capital* the 1.0% nominee fee and a 10% to 20% non-refundable nominee deposit depending on purchase price, less the earnest money deposit made per your contract. Non-refundable nominee deposit and earnest money apply towards your purchase price.

  • Closing Option A

    Your lender can fund on time according to the terms in the offer, and you can close in your name.  Buyer Capital* refunds to you the 1.0% nominee fee and non-refundable nominee deposit.  A Guaranteed Loan fee of 1/8th of 1% or ($125 per $100,000 of purchase price) is charged and paid from the escrow when you buy the property.

  • Closing Option B: Part 1

    1. Buyer Capital* purchases the property.

    2. All closing costs and pro-rations other than purchase price will be deposited by you to Escrow.

    3. You sign a rental agreement with Buyer Capital*.  Rental term is from Buyer Capital* closing until you close, not to exceed 120 days. Rental rate is based on 1.0% of purchase price every 30 days, plus all costs of home ownership, such as property tax, insurance, home owner dues, and anything else specific to the property. Rent is on a per diem basis. Rent is due when you purchase your home from Buyer Capital* or when the rental agreement terminates: whichever occurs first. Utilities are transferred from original seller directly to you.

    4. You take possession of the property per the purchase and sale agreement terms you negotiated, with original Seller.

    Closing Option B: Part 2

    A second closing between you and Buyer Capital* occurs when your lender is able to fund your purchase loan.

    1. This must be within 120 days of Buyer Capital* purchasing the property.

    2. CW Title*, an affiliated company, charges you a $1,000 total escrow fee for the second closing. Buyer Capital does not participate in the second escrow fee.

    3. Other fees such as courier wire fees and recording documentation generally range between $500 and $1,000.

    4. Your non-refundable nominee deposit is applied towards your purchase.

    5. If you purchase your home from Buyer Capital* within 60 days of Buyer Capital* taking title to the property then 50% of the nominee fee will be credited back to you at closing.

    a. Buyer Capital* nominee services and rental period generally will cost between 1 and 3% of the purchase price plus approximately $1,500 to $2,000.

Final Consideration

Only consider Buyer Capital LLC Nominee services if you are 100% confident you can obtain financing.

In the unfortunate event a buyer hires Buyer Capital* to be a Nominee and Buyer cannot get permanent financing within 120 days, everybody loses.

Buyer will vacate the property and transfer utilities to Buyer Capital*.

Buyer Capital* will resell the property.

Buyer forfeits 10% to 20% non-refundable nominee deposit, the 1.0% nominee fee, plus all closing costs and pro-rations of the first closing. Losses exceeding the non-refundable nominee deposit are the responsibility of Buyer Capital.


*Disclosure Statement

The principals of Buyer Capital, LLC have an ownership interest in Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc., CW Title and Escrow, Penrith Home Loans/East and Moreland Insurance. Because of these relationships, a referral to these entities may provide the principals of Buyer Capital, LLC a financial benefit.


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